Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ç'kemi! Si jeni? Mirë?

We just finished our mini transfer (6 weeks) which mean I went through my first planner but we still have another 6 weeks before we have transfer calls and all that fun stuff.

I forgot to write notes of what happened this week in my planner, so let me just tell you about regular day life.

Transportation: We have 3 main forms; walking, buses and fergons. Mostly we walk everywhere. We walk a lot. But sometimes we ride buses which is always fun. Usually when we go out to Spitallë which is where we have quite a few people to visit. We also ride fergons, which is like a van/bus thing that picks up people and goes to cities that are a little further out, like we ride it to kavaj mostly. Those are fun too.

Naps: I get to take a nap almost everyday, how lucky is that?! Since they don't really eat dinner here we take an hour of lunch and an hour of dinner at the same time in the middle of the day when EVERYONE is taking a nap. Its great. Its also nice to not be outside during the hottest part of the day. Since I'm being trained we have an extra hour of companionship study which is nice to have that during the summer when it is hot hot hot outside. But actually we're pretty lucky here in Durrës because we have the sea breeze.

Food: I eat cereal almost every morning (cornflakes and muesli) and we eat a lot of pizza. I didn't think we would get fed meals by members very often because it hadn't happened at all since I got here...but this past week we were fed thrice! On Monday we were helping a member and his family shell beans and then they feed us this delicious soup and bread. It was great, the only hard part was that we didn't know they were going to feed us and I was pretty full when we got there. I was hard to eat it all, but that part from the movie "Errand of Angels" kept coming to mind "we eat everything, no leftovers." It was fun though, they are a great family. I hope we can start teaching his sister. The other time was with a member that is our age, she goes with us a lot to lessons, and her mom fed us stuffed green peppers, bread (bread is a part of every meal always), and my favorite salad (tomatoes, cucumbers mixed with some olive oil and salt- I love it!). We didn't know going in that they were going to feed us but luckily I hadn't eaten right before so it was all good. The last was yesterday with a sister that I love dearly. She has been a member for less than a year but she is stellar. She feed us like a 5 course meal. We had soup and bread first, then salad and potatoes, then chicken and stuffed peppers/tomatoes (Stuffed tomatoes? Brilliant! Why have I never thought of that before? Life changed.) Then we had this sweet bread stuff and this chocolate fudge thing. Then we had fruit to top if off. She had all of us junior missionaries over so there were 4 elders and us 2 sisters. It was just a dandy 'ol time! But after that we were helping a member which involved going up 13 flights of stair 2 1/2 times. I may or may not still be a little sore from that. The elevator's going to be installed in a couple weeks.

Oh, I can't believe I forgot! We had a branch activity this week, which are one of my favorite things! There was no ultimate frisbee involved. Sad. BUT there was dancing!! Dancing? You may wonder if this is allowed for missionaries, I wondered this also myself. However, as far as I know traditional dancing and such is allowed! Happy day! Kam shumë mali për kercim. They have lots of line dancing, not like the electric slide or cotton eyed joe, but where you hold hands or shoulders and dance around in circles or snake around doing fun things with your feet. It was fantastic. Also very sweaty. I tried wiping my sweaty face with my sweaty hand and got nowhere. Just accepted it and danced. BUT before we all danced, the youth put on a performance complete with skits, dances and piano/violin duets. They had their lines memorized and everything. I was so impressed! The youth here are phenomenal!

We have not many investigators right now, which means lots of finding! Wish us luck! I know there are prepared people here! We just have to find them! As always, I love being a missionary. There is nothing else like it. Good luck in your missionary efforts as well. Missionary work is for everyone. That is all.

Ju dua!
Motra Kërdes (Now that my new Albanian spelling name tags have arrived I found a way of spelling my name that I like better! What can you do?)

Pictures: beautiful sunset, the youth at the performance, the view from the 13 flights we climbed.

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