Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life is full of colors and blessings!

This week I finally got around to taking a picture of this beautiful building that we pass all the time. Its the most colorful building I think I have seen in my entire life! A picture will be included. Also, I saw a rainbow! It was beautiful! I love colorful things.

The blessings are many but specifically in church. We have a bus that picks up people for church each week but they recently stopped it and this was the first week without the bus. I'll be honest, I was a little bit worried about people coming to church. Its getting hot and some of these members are a little bit older. Its a long walk for some of these people. We also had a do or die lesson with one of our investigators that has been taught for forever (one of my teachers in the MTC was one of the missionaries that found her), we told her she needed to come to church or we couldn't continue to meet. Well, we tried calling her in the morning but she wasn't answering. We got to church and there were a few people there. I stood by the door to greet people as they came in. Slowly but surely people came. I was so excited with our turnout! We had about 88 people come! We didn't have any investigators come and Valbona wasn't there which was hard. Church started and then after sacrament meeting they opened the doors for people to come in that had arrived late. Guess what? Valbona CAME!!! AND she brought a friend who wants to learn more! Tender mercies of the Lord. Also, another one of our investigators who has been super busy came! With her brother! Her summer school program ends after this next week and she is excited to meet with us again! Yeah!! It was happiness. 

Can I just talk for a minute about the members here. I LOVE them! They are so welcoming to the people we bring and to us as well. I was standing next to Valbona and her friend Alma after church and was amazed by how many people came up to her a greeted them and welcomed them. With the Seiti girls, their mom usually comes with them to things and the women of the branch really reach out to her. Our youth are so supportive of each other. I am just so impressed with them. Albanian people in general are just a really loving people. 

Life is good. We do a lot of finding. But I am so impressed with the amount of referrals we have received. Hopefully they work out. People are busy with summer things but we manage to meet with them. We've gone to Spital quite a bit with our retentions and the country is beautiful out there.  

The work is going forth! Slowly but surely. The church is true. There are tender mercies everywhere, look for them and notice them and you will see more. I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

We tried our first street vendor food: sweet corn. It was way good. 

I don't understand how people get pictures of them walking on the dusty roads...who takes the
picture?? We just had to take ours separately. 

The colorful building and rainbow.

Some of the fantastic youth. 

Today's adventures by the sea.

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