Monday, December 16, 2013

I love the Christ in Christmas

Can you believe how close Christmas is? In fact the next 2 Mondays won't be preparation days but instead they will be Wednesday for Christmas and the New Year. I love the lights and all the Christmas trees everywhere. They make me happy!

President Ford and his family were in Church yesterday (his son was visiting). They all spoke in fact. His son shared something in his testimony of a simple experience he had with repentance and how as soon as he thought of the Savior his attitude immediately changed. Christ is so powerful, even just thinking of him can inspire us. I think that's why Christmas is such a happy time of year, we allow thoughts of Christ to surround us, and we can't help but be happy! 

I love doing missionary work. But even more I love seeing members do missionary work. We have been working with a less active member the whole time that I've been here. Visiting, inviting, encouraging. She hasn't been to church. Then, a couple of the members that she was close to before, were talking to her and encouraging her. She has been in church every Sunday for the past few weeks. I could say it just took a bit for the efforts of the missionaries to start working...but I know it wasn't us. Missionaries can do good work. But members can do work even better! Go be a member missionary. You are more influential than you think!

I love Christ. I love Christmas. I love being a missionary during the Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas!!
Motra Curtis

Monday, December 9, 2013

Every day is closer to Christmas.​..

Sometimes I think of things I want to write in my e-mail home...but if I don't write it down I forget it. And sadly I didn't write anything down this week.

We had some good success in tracking this week. We met some cool people. It is always better to find people through members. But I'm sometimes amazed at the people who let us into their homes. Its neat to see all the ways that the Lord uses to help us find those that are ready for the gospel.

It's been neat to hear from the members their experiences sharing the gospel. There are not a lot of members here but they are not afraid to talk about it with their friends. They inspire me. President Mema (district president) just went around to all the branches and did an activity where he challenged every one to bring someone to church (less active member or investigator) and got everyone excited about it. I love it when members are involved. They do so much good!

Christmas decorations are up! And oh how it feels me with glee! We have decorated our apartment thanks so some sweet decorations I got in my Christmas package (it was like Christmas in a box=the best!) BUT there are also lights and trees up all over the city. I love this time of year. Here, instead of calling them Christmas trees/decorations they are more for the new year.. So everything says Happy New Year! But nonetheless I am loving it. 

Today we went to Berat. It has been my dream to go to Berat and take pictures with the head. Before I came on my mission I remember looking at blogs of missionaries and I remember seeing said head and hoping that one day I would get to go there. Well, that day was today. (pictures included) We explored this sweet castle. It was way fun. 

My companion has never seen candy canes and I'm excited for her to try them when we take down the tree. It was fun to decorate a tree and the apartment with her, there are many things that are new to her. I'm excited to share some of my family traditions with her. 

I'm sure there are many things that I'm going to wish I would have talked about as soon as I send this e-mail but thats it for now. The church is true. This is the Lords work. Merry Christmas!

Peace and blessings!
Motra Curtis


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Ardian got baptized. His family was baptized awhile back and his wife has been to the temple.  He had a smoking problem and got left behind.  He stopped smoking a little bit before I got here and we have been meeting with him.  They are a completed united family and I love it!  They are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed!  Can you love that any more?  I submit that you cannot!

Remember that one time I told you that my fun Albanian companion sounds Russian when she speaks Albanian and referenced Despicable Me?  Well this week we were talking about what we wanted to be or dreams that we had as kids.  She said that it was her dream to go to the moon!  She is just the neatest companion and I sure do love her!

Thanksgiving this week was splendid!  We has a mission conference and ate a real live turkey dinner (but don't worry the turkey itself was NOT alive).  It was delightful.  The training was wonderful as always.  Who doesn't want to learn how to be a better missionary?  I sure do!  Then we had a talent show afterwards.  Not that I'm biased or anything but we rapped the first 3 missionary discussions with break dancing and flips thrown in the middle with beat boxing in the was pretty sweet.  But in all honesty, everyone's was fantastic.  I love our little mission! 

Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!  Më zi po pres!

Ju dua shumë!
Motra Kërtis

P.s. Twas a blistery day when I had the strangest pizza.  Bean and onion.  Never thought of that did ya?  I won't say its good. But I won't say its bad either...