Monday, December 16, 2013

I love the Christ in Christmas

Can you believe how close Christmas is? In fact the next 2 Mondays won't be preparation days but instead they will be Wednesday for Christmas and the New Year. I love the lights and all the Christmas trees everywhere. They make me happy!

President Ford and his family were in Church yesterday (his son was visiting). They all spoke in fact. His son shared something in his testimony of a simple experience he had with repentance and how as soon as he thought of the Savior his attitude immediately changed. Christ is so powerful, even just thinking of him can inspire us. I think that's why Christmas is such a happy time of year, we allow thoughts of Christ to surround us, and we can't help but be happy! 

I love doing missionary work. But even more I love seeing members do missionary work. We have been working with a less active member the whole time that I've been here. Visiting, inviting, encouraging. She hasn't been to church. Then, a couple of the members that she was close to before, were talking to her and encouraging her. She has been in church every Sunday for the past few weeks. I could say it just took a bit for the efforts of the missionaries to start working...but I know it wasn't us. Missionaries can do good work. But members can do work even better! Go be a member missionary. You are more influential than you think!

I love Christ. I love Christmas. I love being a missionary during the Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas!!
Motra Curtis

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