Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Missionary life in a war zone...

Well, I didn't have time to write an e-mail on Christmas so I will try to catch up on the past couple weeks.

Christmas Eve- we went Christmas caroling with the elders and shared a quick message of Christ to a bunch of families in Lushnje. It was so good! Not because our singing was very good (it wasn't, thanks for asking) but because we got to talk and testify of Christ. It was so much fun.

Christmas involved a Skype call with my family in the morning trying to Skype with my sister in the Philippines as well but it didn't happen and we only missed each other by minutes! That was hard. But it was so nice to talk to my family. I sure love them lots. We went to a baptism in Vlore and that was really neat. It was a couple and a mother of a young man leaving on a mission in a couple weeks. How awesome is that? We had lunch with a member and then did some Christmas things. 

This whole past week has sounded like a battle zone...fireworks going off at random times during the day. New Years is a big deal here. Instead of a turkey Christmas dinner everyone eats it for new years. I feel like in America everyone gets their frozen turkey and keeps it in the freezer for the few days Albania they buy them live and keep them in their yard for the few days before...Pretty cool, huh?

We got transfer calls this week. I will be staying in Lushnje training again. I'm so excited! Motra Tengu is now here in Tirana serving with Motra Wheelock who was my trainer and so therefore her "grandma" in mission genealogy. Pretty crazy. My new trainee has just arrived! I'll find out who will be my "daughter" tomorrow! We'll be going out with them in just a few minutes. AHH. I'm super excited. 

Last night was way fun. I am with Sister Wilding in Tirana until tomorrow and the sister training leaders stayed with us.  It was pretty much a party and so much fun. In America usually the city buys and sets off the fireworks and then everyone watches. Here in Albania everyone buys them and sets off the fireworks and the city watches. There is no rhyme or reason its just crazy for a solid 10-15 minutes  with them going off everywhere (like RIGHT over your head) and then it died off for awhile. Basically it was the finale without all the pre-stuff leading up to it. I loved it.  

Its been kinda a crazy time this holiday season-ness. But I love it all. I love being a missionary. I love the highs and I even love the lows. I love what you learn and I love watching others learn. I love life. I love missionary work.  I love Christ. I just love being a missionary.

Ju dua!
Motra Curtis

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