Monday, January 20, 2014

Sometimes we write on mandarins for language study...

I want to start with the highlight of my week. It happened yesterday. We went to go see Iliriana, who was baptized in November, and her family. She recently got a calling in Primary and it has been the coolest thing to see her excitement for it. There were only a few kids before but now she brings her daughter, niece, nephew and a couple neighborhood kids. They are all awesome. All that is superb. But the sweetest moment for me was at the end of the lesson. We asked her niece to say the prayer, she was a little nervous and shy about it but before we could reassure her and review with her how to say a prayer, Iliriana jumped in and explained it to her and helped walk her through it. It was just a few months ago that we were teaching Iliriana how to pray. My heart cannot hold the love and happiness that I have for that family.

It is also crazy to think that a year ago this week was when I opened my mission call to the "Adriatic South Mission". Since that moment, my thoughts turned toward this little country that I literally knew nothing about. I truly love this place and these people. I wanted and waited to go on a mission for so long it sometimes seems unreal that I really am here. I really am a missionary. I really am living the dream. But what a sweet time that it is. It truly is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

The woman that we met last week that knew English came to Church with us yesterday. We weren't able to meet during the week but she still wanted to come to church with us. I tried explaining what it would be like as we walked over (because I knew she was pretty active in her church in Greece). First she was surprised by how little people there were and then that we sang out of a hymn book. I guess she was expecting a Christian rock band with choreographed dancing. Maybe we'll try that next week. But not really.

Anyways. Life is pretty good. That persistent little cough I had got worse for a few days but I think I am back on the upward track. I just sleep every spare moment. I feel like I always remember my dreams more when I am sick. Weird. 

I am grateful for tender mercies everyday. For example, the neighbor man of one of our new investigators did not seem happy as he walked to his apartment and told us she probably didn't want to meet with us J-dubs. We only had time to clarify that we were in fact not J-dubbs and that she had invited us. It was kinda a downer BUT then he came out a minute later and gave us oranges and told us to knock harder and call out her name. Totally unexpected and really nice.

I love being a part of the Lord's work. It is literally the best. 

Much love,

Motra Curtis

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