Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't drink hot tea

Loving life here in the South side.

This week right before district meeting we had a lesson with someone we had found tracking. She didn't answer but Bali, our new investigator who lives above her invited us in. We didn't have too much time but we wanted to share a message with her. She insisted we drink some fruit tea while we're there. So five minutes before our meeting is suppose to start she gives us this steaming hot tea. My companion and I just look at each other, luckily she had given us some peach juice as well. She left the room for a moment and we started pouring the juice in the tea to try and cool it down. I still burnt my tongue BUT we were able to share a message AND we were only a little late to our meeting. Also, we learned that peach juice in blackberry/blueberry tea doesn't taste too bad.
The other day Motra Boettinger was saying a prayer and at the end she was trying to express our love to Heavenly Father. But instead of saying, "Të duam" which is 'we love Thee', she said "Ne duam" which means 'we love us'. I'm worried God might think we're getting a little self conceded, but luckily He knows our hearts haha. Either way, we had a good laugh. Its been fun having a vegetarian companion. At first I just thought about the absence of meat in our diet, but we eat A LOT of vegetables. The other night we had salad and steamed broccoli/cauliflower with a cheese sauce. It was pretty delicious. Basically we just eat lots of vegetables and I love it. She has also been doing more of the teaching which is exciting. We were role-playing with the Law of Chasity pamphlets and I gotta say, the pictures in the Albanian pamphlet are different than the English one...but we were obviously very mature about it... and she did an excellent job in our lesson that night.
Knowing about the gospel makes you happy. Fact. Sharing the gospel makes you even more happy. Fact. Lessons when members come are so much better! Unfortunately so many of our usual member helps have been sick or busy with school. But I'm so grateful for members that help us with missionary work. Members are SO important in missionary work.So moral of this paragraph- go help the missionaries and be happy!
I hope you all have a happy-missionary-work-filled week! 
Zoti ju bekof! 
Motra Curtis
P.s. Lots of good pictures this week BUT I forgot my card reader. Just get excited for next week.

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