Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Over here in Lushnje...

Motra Berhamaj came to church yesterday!! It was so exciting and unexpected. I wish I could say it was because after months of us visiting her and going to her apartment before church she decided to come. But no. Motra Mati one of our 'top fare' members went to her apartment and didn't take no for an answer and pulled her out of bed and to church. The power of members ya'll. Do work.

Another fun story about Motra Berhamaj. We had brought her cookies because she wasn't feeling well and she said she wanted to make them with us. I described how to make them and she was essentially like, "scratch that, I'm going to make them without your help and then you're going to make them and well see whose are better. When are you coming? I'll make dinner." So we got dinner and a cookie competition on Wednesday. I'm stoked.

Also, its always a happy day in the life of a missionary when they get a package. I wasn't expecting it so it made it all the sweeter (which is impressive because it was pretty sweet by itself-literally FULL of candy and fun stuff). Seriously so grateful!

Motra Boettinger felt a little ill these past couple days so we were inside for some time. I made some great progress on Jesus the Christ. That is an amazing book. I also watched some mormon messages and saw one of my friends in this chastity one. Super great. 

I received some sad news today. One of my dear friends from back home recently died in a car accident. She was almost done with her papers to serve a mission. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation. It doesn't mean that we won't be sad or that it won't be hard, because it is and it will be. But it gives us a hope that can not be given in any other way. She would have been a remarkable missionary in this life but she will be an even better missionary on the other side. Of this I am sure.

I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. It gives me peace and happiness that does not come in any other way. 

Rejoicing in the good news of the gospel,
Motra Curtis

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