Monday, February 10, 2014

So little time...

The Elders in Lushnje decided to SYL (Speak your language) for a week and we felt so inspired by their dedication we decided to SYL for a day (we have been really bad about SYL and every time we start we always seem to forget.) So to help us remember we decided that every time we forgot and spoke English we would have to do a push-up (to be done the next morning). It was by far the most effective SYL day we have every had. I may or may not have done more than 27 1/2 push ups the next morning...not in a row.

In Lushnje we don't actually have a ward missionary leader. But, one of the members, Motra Mati was called as a ward missionary. She has a son on a mission in Italy right now and she is so on fire about missionary work. We saw her Saturday night and she wouldn't tell us her calling (only that she was getting one) or the topic of her talk (missionary work) but called all her friends (less actives) to come to church (they did!) and a friend of hers that we had taught before. It is so exciting to see her excitement. Members are so key!! 

The church is true. God answers prayers. 

Ju dua shume!
Motra Curtis

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