Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring. New beginnings​. Change. Growth. Transfers. BABY CHICKS!

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We got transfer calls and I will get to that. But first let me tell you about this week.

I love Lushnje. I love the little villages we get to go visit. We were on our way home one day and walking down the side of the road trying to flag down a fergon to take us home. As we were walking, Motra Boettinger turns to me and tells me how when she imagined being on a mission she didn't think she would be hitching hiking on the side of a highway. But my friends, that is what we do. Every week. And we love it. 

While we were in one of the other villages we got to hold little (one day old!) baby chicks. They were so soft and fuzzy! If we could have pets you better believe one of those little suckers would have been ours in 2 seconds flat. I may or may not have named a little golden colored one Motra Curtis. But probably I did. I love the beautiful country of Albania. I always try to capture it on my never does it justice.

Its getting warmer and people are sitting outside longer. I love walking by and talking to people in their yards. We met some neat-o people. I sure do love the people here.

Transfer call. I'm leaving. Whhaaat?!! Just kidding, saw that one coming. Leaving the country. Didn't really see that coming. Knew it was possible, but didn't think it would be me. I'll be serving in Kosovo! They speak a different dialect up there. I feel like elders all seem to love that "dirty Albanian" and have been giving language tips on it in district meetings throughout my mission. Wish I would have paid more attention! I hear its a different world up there. I'm real excited! I'll miss Albania. We just became a stake! Now I'm going back to a district. But it will be a neat experience. Join in next week on KOSOVO!!!

I love the Lord. I trust that this is His work. It always amazes me how involved He is. The church is true!

Motra Curtis
p.s. One of our members has a gated door. But we still visit her :)
p.s.s. We usually play soccer on Saturdays with the youth and their friends and this week one of the elders and I accidentally matched.
p.s.s.s. My companion keeps finding snails to hold...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

You never know...

Sometimes we get to teach the temple prep lessons to those that are preparing to go to the temple. It's really great. If you have the opportunity to go to the temple you should. Right now. Tell it I say "hi".

Also. Got a really neat call the other day. A senior couple, who serve in Tirana, came into contact with a woman that had been taught in Durres. She had been visiting her sister-in-law and had been taught by Motra Wheelock and I. She had only been visiting and both Motra Wheelock and I got transferred out that month so we never knew what happened. There are so many times you talk to people and you never know where it goes. I was really grateful that they took the time to call me and let me know they had come in contact with her. She was excited to be in contact with the church again and I really hope it goes somewhere. Just a testimony to me that this is the Lord's work and He is so aware of each of His children. Plant seeds.

Transfer Madness is fun to do. Its like basketball March Madness but with missionaries instead (where they will go, who will be companions...etc.). Our mission is small enough that you can guess everyone (but its getting bigger, therefore harder). Anyways, in the midst of all the guessing and speculating I keep having dreams that involve transfers! It's crazy. Transfers in our mission happen every 3 months. Sunday night President will call each of us and tell us where we are going and who will be our companion. He likes to keep it a surprise until that night. Its crazy waiting for that call. I'll let you know what happens next week.

This week at church there was a change in the branch president. The previous branch president was an American who works here in Albania and was asked to serve as branch president. He was released and they called one of the members from Lushnje. It is really exciting to see the changes happening here. 

The church is true. The Lord loves you. Missionary work is

Peace and blessings,
Motra Curtis
2 things that I love. Jumping pictures. Lushnje sunsets. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

I looked out the window and what did I see...

I forgot the mention last week but at Stake Conference one of the people that I had the opportunity to teach and see enter the waters of baptism got the Melchizedek priesthood. He looked so good dressed up in his suit (the first time I've seen him in one) and his wife was absolutely beaming beside him. It was a happy moment for me.

This has been a beautiful week. The weather is warming up and flowers are poppinn up like daisies. They have a Summer Day holiday. It was fun, we got to watch some kids dance outside. I love spring.   

I love being a missionary. 

Motra Curtis

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Tirana Albania Stake

History was made Sunday morning when the Tirana Albania District was made the Tirana Albania Stake. It was an amazing meeting!

Sunsets in Lushnje are beautiful. Every time. 

Saturday was mothers day. It was a beautiful day. We bought ice cream from Conad and they gave us a free potted flower. We also bought some flowers to give to some of the mothers in our branch. 'Twas great.

We hadn't found any investigators all week. We only had 2 hours. We prayed to find 2 investigators in that time. God answers prayers. God answers specific prayers. It was not a coincident.

I feel like winking is a huge part of the culture. Everyone winks. Not just the youth or adults...but little kids and old people. Everyone winks. You tell a joke and wink. Its addicting.

Another fun fact: parking lots don't really exist here. The average Joe doesn't have a car so parking on the side of the street is sufficient.

Also, we made an Armor of God cutout for one of our lesson. We think it looks pretty cool. Even if it maybe looks like they are wearing a diaper. Don't judge.
The work is hastening. It's exciting. Albania is a stake. I love that more than I love ice cream on a hot day. 

Ju dua shumë!
Motra Curtis 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The box.

This one time we found a box. It was a big box. We took it home with us. We love our box.

You see, we meet for church above a store called Neptun, it sells refrigerators and washers and all kinds of electronics. We kept meaning to grab one of their big refrigerator boxes and finally the opportune moment came this week. We have great plans to make a street contacting display. I'm sure it will attract attention...just carrying it back to our apartment got quite a bit of attention. It be fool proof!
Hana got baptized this week! If you have read any previous weeks you will know her  as Ana. It was a pretty awkward moment for us when she went in to get her baptismal interview and Elder Morava asked her name and she corrected his "Ana" with "Hana". Awkward. 
The baptism itself was quite an adventure. We went to Durres because they have an actual font with warm water (since she is a little older and was concerned). Elder Foster drew us this map (I wish I had a picture to show you...) It actually worked pretty well but one of the members we brought with us had called someone else and thought she knew where we were going. Anyways we ended up stranded on the side of the highway on the road to Tirana. Luckily the Branch President came a rescued us. An hour late we made it and it was a beautiful service. She had the biggest smile on her face coming out of the font. Then we somehow we made it home. (Hana stayed to visit family). It was a great day.
Speaking of getting lost...we also got lost going to Cerëm. Turns out there are 7. Luckily it was a warm day. Luckily we had a lot of lessons planned in Zhamë and EVERYONE got to hear our story of getting lost. Its not 'sister stereotypes'... I think its just our personal talent. Good thing we are usually in Lushnje which is so small its almost impossible to get lost.
We also had Motra Training this week. It was fun to be together with all the sisters. I can't believe we have 23 sisters in our mission!! When I first got here our group almost doubled the number to 14. Its exciting!
I love getting e-mails from my friends that are serving missions all over the world. There are miracles happening all over the world...the Lord truly is hastening his work. I see it happening here. Next week we have our STAKE conference. Wow. I love it. 
I can't believe it is March.
Motra Curtis