Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Tirana Albania Stake

History was made Sunday morning when the Tirana Albania District was made the Tirana Albania Stake. It was an amazing meeting!

Sunsets in Lushnje are beautiful. Every time. 

Saturday was mothers day. It was a beautiful day. We bought ice cream from Conad and they gave us a free potted flower. We also bought some flowers to give to some of the mothers in our branch. 'Twas great.

We hadn't found any investigators all week. We only had 2 hours. We prayed to find 2 investigators in that time. God answers prayers. God answers specific prayers. It was not a coincident.

I feel like winking is a huge part of the culture. Everyone winks. Not just the youth or adults...but little kids and old people. Everyone winks. You tell a joke and wink. Its addicting.

Another fun fact: parking lots don't really exist here. The average Joe doesn't have a car so parking on the side of the street is sufficient.

Also, we made an Armor of God cutout for one of our lesson. We think it looks pretty cool. Even if it maybe looks like they are wearing a diaper. Don't judge.
The work is hastening. It's exciting. Albania is a stake. I love that more than I love ice cream on a hot day. 

Ju dua shumë!
Motra Curtis 

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