Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring. New beginnings​. Change. Growth. Transfers. BABY CHICKS!

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We got transfer calls and I will get to that. But first let me tell you about this week.

I love Lushnje. I love the little villages we get to go visit. We were on our way home one day and walking down the side of the road trying to flag down a fergon to take us home. As we were walking, Motra Boettinger turns to me and tells me how when she imagined being on a mission she didn't think she would be hitching hiking on the side of a highway. But my friends, that is what we do. Every week. And we love it. 

While we were in one of the other villages we got to hold little (one day old!) baby chicks. They were so soft and fuzzy! If we could have pets you better believe one of those little suckers would have been ours in 2 seconds flat. I may or may not have named a little golden colored one Motra Curtis. But probably I did. I love the beautiful country of Albania. I always try to capture it on my never does it justice.

Its getting warmer and people are sitting outside longer. I love walking by and talking to people in their yards. We met some neat-o people. I sure do love the people here.

Transfer call. I'm leaving. Whhaaat?!! Just kidding, saw that one coming. Leaving the country. Didn't really see that coming. Knew it was possible, but didn't think it would be me. I'll be serving in Kosovo! They speak a different dialect up there. I feel like elders all seem to love that "dirty Albanian" and have been giving language tips on it in district meetings throughout my mission. Wish I would have paid more attention! I hear its a different world up there. I'm real excited! I'll miss Albania. We just became a stake! Now I'm going back to a district. But it will be a neat experience. Join in next week on KOSOVO!!!

I love the Lord. I trust that this is His work. It always amazes me how involved He is. The church is true!

Motra Curtis
p.s. One of our members has a gated door. But we still visit her :)
p.s.s. We usually play soccer on Saturdays with the youth and their friends and this week one of the elders and I accidentally matched.
p.s.s.s. My companion keeps finding snails to hold...

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