Monday, January 13, 2014

Where does the time go?

Ana, an investigator we have been working with for a few weeks came to church! She hadn't really been keeping commitments and I figured we would need to drop her soon BUT then she starting reading in the Book of Mormon. She felt like she was too old to be baptized (just for her kids) but then she was reading in Moroni where he talks about how children do not need to be baptized because they are free from sin. She accepted that she needs to be baptized. It has been neat to see this change in her this week.
We went to some apartments that we had tracked into and they had told us to come back but we weren't able to find them home. Finally we found them both but they both just told us they were too busy and that they weren't very interested. That was rough, BUT as we were going down the stairs we ran into this girl and talked to her (in English- how sweet for my trainee) and she wants to meet with us. Tender mercy.
Lushnje has been warm this week. It has been so nice.

Many of our young investigators that we have been teaching just kinda dropped us. Some were from unsupportive families some just got busy for us or something.
Lushnje took down the festive lights.

In terms of funny:
There are some interesting things that come from having native companions. Some have never used a microwave so part of teaching them was teaching them how to use a microwave. The funny part is that one day I was in another room and I heard beeps coming from my companion using the microwave. I literally thought to myself, 'oh wow, now I have a companion that already knows how to use a microwave'. Not 5 seconds later I hear my companion coming down the hall "Sister do you use the microwave?". I about died laughing.
I have this nasty cough that I can't get rid of. Everyone has something new for me to try. Lemon with herbal tea. Lemon/honey tea. But yesterday this family told me to eat straight up lemons with salt and then proceeded to fill my bag with lemons. I promised I would try it so I did. It was not my favorite. Lemon with salt. But who knows? Maybe it will help. Also, we visited a member that had fallen down her steps. When we asked if she has been to the hospital she said she has a village doctor come and he told her to put onions on her foot and wrap it up. But she says it feels better...maybe there is something to all this?
I sure love being a missionary. Sometimes you have to drop investigators. Sometimes they drop you. But the Lord always seems to help you find those that are prepared and that are seeking. Quick side note: I love that the Albanian word for investigators literally means seekers. The church is true!
Jam nje misionare!
Motra Curtis
P.s. I hit my halfway mark. That was weird. I read this note I had written in Albanian in the MTC that I had saved to read on my "hump day". My Albanian has gotten better. But I didn't quite realize how fast the time would go.
beautiful Lushnje sunset
adventures today

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