Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First full week of working out in Lushnjë!


This was our first full week together and my first full week of working in Lushnjë which is crazy because it has been the last week in my planner (they come in 6 week increments). The lady who showed up at church last week is awesome. We have met with her 3 times this week and she loves learning. She has read each pamphlet we have given her as well as the Book of Mormon. When we invited her to be baptized she was like "po pra" which being interpreted is "obviously". She is a neat lady. She is pregnant with a baby boy and due in December. She has had one other child but it only lived a couple days. We are working on getting a member to our lessons with her so she can have a friend at church. That really makes a difference.

On Sunday we had testimony meeting. We had  5 members go to the temple this past week (the district has 2 temple trips a year to the temple in Germany). They were glowing with happiness and each one bore strong testimony of their experience. We had an investigator there for her first Sunday and even though she had to leave early she had lots of good questions in our lesson later that evening. I love the temple and I love the strong desire that members here have to go. I can't wait till the temple in Rome is finished. It will be such a blessing for the members here in Albania!

Motra Guri continues to be a rock star. At the beginning I really did take advantage of the fact that she knew Albanian and let her take the lead in lessons and make phone calls (I still don't understand everything people say, especially on the phone!). But that is exactly what should not be happening. I have the potential to learn so much from my companion and I wasn't using the opportunity to the maximum ability. I was letting it be easier for me. So, I talked to my companion about it. Now I have been stepping up a lot in lessons and it using the phone/talking to people. It helps having her know too because in the moments when its hard and I need a little extra encouragement...she pushes me to do it. But she is so supportive! Sometimes too nice, I want her to correct my language mistakes but she has been around me enough to understand my cave man speech that she forgets to correct me. Until I bring it up again, then she is good at correcting for another 5 minutes haha. This has been such a fun companionship. I'm learning so much and not the things that I thought I was going to learn.
I loved listening the conference this week in English. I can't wait till it comes out in the Liahona! There is something about being able to read and study them..its like all kinds of new things pop out. 

 This was a good week. The weather was cold at the beginning but has been straight up beautiful these past couple days. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. Jesus Christ lives. God is our Father. The church is true. Of this I testify.

Motra Curtis

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