Friday, October 4, 2013


Well, I feel a little misleading telling you this...but I'm suppose to get my mini on Wednesday. I know, I know, I keep telling you that I'm getting one this week but this time I really think its going to happen. They even told me who it is and when I'll get her. Her name is Genta from Elbasan (her name is just Genta though...not "Genta from Elbasan") and I will get her in Tirana on Wednesday at 3:30 with the candlestick. Just kidding, no candlesticks will be involved I don't think. 

So here I have been, kicking it in Fier. In fact, they have gotten so used to seeing me here they even had me give a talk on Sunday! But they know I'm not permanent so they still get excited to see that I'm still here. I love that part. I really love it here. I feel like I know the members and investigators here. I kinda know my way around (the term "kinda" is used very loosely in this instance). But this is just a great place with great people.

On Friday we were eating lunch after a meeting and got a call that the young woman were ready for our activity doing missionary work (there was some mis-communication that happened because we didn't know about said activity). So we went and took them street contacting. It was actually a really cool experience. I'm so impressed with how willing these girls are to do missionary. They really love it. Also, they are really good at it. We will be planning another one soon (with more preparation). I had never been street contacting before my mission. These girls are well on their way to be ready to serve missions. Missionary work, man, its contagious! 

Also, we went to Lushnjë for a couple days this week and did some work there. Fier feels more like home right now but I'm sure Lushnjë will very soon. We met with this awesome woman who is looking for truth. The Lord really does prepare people. Its a neat thing to be a part of. Even here in Lushnjë there is this awesome young woman we are working with. She is so ready. We invited her to this Seminary/Institute activity and she has been going ever since. We came for our lesson one day and she had her Book of Mormon, the student manual and her journal and she was STUDYING her scriptures. Golden! She is so great and is already friends with all the youth. Missionary work is sic!

For the past couple p-days we have gone to the beach. Last week we were at the beach in Fier and cooked tin foil dinners. Delicious. This week we were down in Vlorë. We went to a monastery and then to the beach to play soccer (with a volleyball..haha). It was super fun. 

I love beat boxing. I am not very good at it but I still love it. Sometimes I'll just break into it with music or while waiting around. This week I have been trying to teach Sister Wendt and Sister Hoover how to beat box. They are making drastic improvements and they make me feel like a good beat boxer. Well, the other day Sister Wendt was telling me about this member in Vlorë who is way good at beat boxing. I hoped to someday meet him. I didn't realize that that day would be TODAY! He came and played soccer with us in fact. (Side note: it was his birthday today). His beat box skills blow me out of the water! He is legit! There people who beat box like me, then there are good beat boxers, and then there are people like him. Someday...someday.

I can't believe General Conference is this week! This is the first time it will be translated live in Albanian. Usually the missionaries watch it in English but this time we will be watching it with our members and investigators in Albanian. So that will be neat! 

Well, that's it for this week.

Ya heard it right here nga Motra Kërtis!  

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