Monday, September 23, 2013

Living life in foster care

You know, I always wondered what it would be like to be in foster care...(actually, just kidding, I haven't). But I feel as if I have been in foster care for this past week. From companions to companions and area to area. After being with the sisters in Fier I went to my area, beautiful Lushnje (I was companions with Motra Bott on the drive over). There I met up with Motra Hawkins and her trainee, Motra Smith. We worked the area for a couple days before I was to receive my mini. We had a lot of fun. I had never met Motra Smith but she is way fun. She has some crazy bad luck...but we were able to laugh about those funny misfortunes. We had a straight up fshat meal. (fshat is the word for little village). I ate the freshest chicken I have ever had in my life. We had a lesson with one family and they invited us for lunch but we had another lesson but we told them we would come back. Well, when we left their house the first time that chicken was walking around outside. After we came back and left again that chicken was in our bellies. It was delicious. Motra Hawkins took me around Lushnje and showed me where people live, I just hope that I can remember! Most of it was in the dark...and my direction skills are.. how would you say it? Kotë? But yes 'twas a lovely time. It was neat to serve with them and we had lots of fun.

Well Thursday came around and we had a Zone Conference. It was fun to see everyone (and Durrës is in the South Zone so I got to see my friends!) It was a good training and I learned lots. I want to be better about goals, com One of the things that I learned was that the APs were not able to get me a mini and that I was to go back to Durrës with M.Hawkins and M.Smith. I tried to go to Kosovo with the STLs but no one went for that...(they were going up to Kosovo for a training the next day). But it was way fun to be back in Durrës for a couple days. I love that place. 

I got picked up Saturday morning by the STLs to go back to Fier until Monday when they would hopefully have a mini for me. Then I got a call on Sunday that it is proving rather difficult to find a mini for me... (I guess they all found out I sent my last companion home for health problems...too scared to come be my companion...bëj shaka!) Anyways, looks like I'll be here for another week. You know, just another normal day in foster care. Its gotten to the point that I can't really remember who I was with for certain things (food, people, places...its all mixed up). But yeah, its all part of the job description. I'm still loving being a missionary, no matter where I am at.

Oh funny story! I can't remember if I shared it or not but here I go again. It still cracks me up. So I was with Motrat Hoover and Wendt and we were visiting this less active member. After the lesson she has us come meet her old parents that she takes care of. We met the man first, he told us he was 100 years old! What the ancient! Albanians don't seem to live that long! Especially not Albanian men! I was shocked and amazed. But the best part is that when we found out how old he was Motra Wendt says to him "Edhe një qind" which being interpreted is "Even 100 more" or something like that. Usually you say this on/around birthdays and such. Anyways, he just busts up laughing. He though it was hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was  funny, but my favorite part was how much HE loved it. Oh, how I love these Albanian people.

Speaking of loving this Albanian people. Yesterday (I think it was yesterday) we met with another less active member and she had her TV on and there was some traditional Albanian music playing. I can't exactly remember what  happened but then next minute we were holding hands dancing in a line around her was GREAT! I love dancing and Albanians...what more could you ask for?

Side note: A cool thing about being in different trios is seeing how other people do things and to just see how they teach. I've learned a lot this past week. I really don't mind being in this crazy moment-to-moment-changing situation. Its edgy, ya know? I like keepin' things fresh. I like change.

Here's to another week of unpredictable-ness! Living life on the edge! Bring it on! The church is true! 

Ju dua! 
Motra Curtis

P.s. I had lots of fun pictures to send but I forgot my card reader in Lushnjë! Sad day. Next week! Kismet. 

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