Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm going South for the winter...

Exciting things happening this week!

Transfer calls came this week, last night in fact. It was a rather thrilling experience, lots of anticipation. We were expecting the call after 9:30 but at about 8:30 we get a call from President. We were about to start a lesson (ok, we actually answered it because we were only small talking and it was from PRESIDENT on TRANSFER NIGHT) But we explained that we were about to start a lesson so he said he would call back. AHHH!! He finally did. Motra Wheelock went first. She is going to Kosovo with Motra Robertson (who was in my MTC group, I love her, she is so nice!). As for me. I'm going down to Lushnjë to be with Motra Wait (who was also in my MTC group and I absolutely love her - a stellar missionary she be). I can't wait! Get it? Motra WAIT..can't WAIT! Haha. Oh, it never gets old....

Anyways, I'm super excited to serve with her. But I'm also sad to be leaving Durrës! I LOVE Durrës! The members here are fantastic! I can't even begin to explain how much I love them. They have been so patient and kind to me. They just love. Its not hard to love people when they love you. Durrës is just a great place to be! The city is fun, the people are great, and we're right next to the sea. I'll miss this place. But I might come back! Motra Wheelock got trained here, left and then came back to train here. Motra Hawkins got trained here, left and is now coming back to train here. We're getting 9 new sisters in January and its pretty certain that my MTC group will be maybe I'll come back and train here! We'll see. 

It rained on Tuesday. A lot. We had district meeting that morning but didn't think to bring our umbrellas. When we first left it wasn't raining. But then we stopped to get byrekë...and it went from a light sprinkle to pouring rain. We tried to wait it out a little. Finally we accepted our fate and got soaked on our way home. It was fun, we danced, jumped, skipped in the rain. When we came back out we were in new dry clothes (with umbrellas this time). It didn't really rain much more but the roads were covered in rain. Normally that wouldn't be a huge problem...but they have death traps here in the roads! Not really death traps, but they have these square holes in the road close to the curb (usually). Its not hard to avoid them when you can see them but when there is water covering them...if you step in one of those...sometimes they are pretty deep. So that was a fun adventure. 

When we got to our investigators house that evening the road up to her house was completely covered in water. Sometimes the Lord parts the water...sometimes he lets you walk through it. We walked through it. We couldn't really see how deep it was, so I went first and it came up about halfway to our knees. So yeah, that was fun.

I also have to mention food: I also had the most amazing ice cream this week. I love hazelnut. Its great. Understatement. Its fantastic! But I've never had hazelnut ice cream. I had some this week. Changed my life. Enough said.

Also, on our way home one night we passed by this concert. From what I could tell they were celebrating the city of Durrës. It was awesome! The elders were there too, one of their investigators is head of the organization that was putting it on. Durrës is just an awesome city! Imma gonna miss it. 

I loved my missionary District here in Durrës. We had 2 senior couples, 2 sets of elders and us. We had a lot of fun together. I did make a rap about them, kinda like what we would do for the missionaries back home. I wrote it for them, I don't know that everyone will appreciate it as much and some of the words are in Albanian. But so that you can know a little more about my awesome district, I included it. Some of the words don't technically rhyme and its not super consistent but when you say it- you just fit it to the beat. Its goes something like: 

Durrës District Rap

Now here's a little rap that I got to tell
its about the missionaries that you know so well.
We all got lucky and to Durrës we were sent.
We all have different ways but in Durrës we were meant.
Now let me introduce them each to you
you'll see why I love them and you will too.

First there's Elder Bott, he makes the numbers right,
he loves the people dearly, with them he's really tight.
The service that he renders comes from within his heart,
even mastering the language does not teach you that art.

Then there's Sister Bott, they make a lovely pair,
there's never any doubt about her love and care. 
An incredible example, yeah, she also plays ball.
With girl parties, help & service, always giv'n it her all.

Elder Andrus is street smart, he knows them by their names.
He got a lucky call and came here to play games.
Just kidding he works hard - the youth love him a lot.
In the hearts of all these people, he'll always have a spot.

Sister Andrus is with him, for the youth she came as well.
She loves them and they love her, its something you can tell.
For all the things she does, you can't give it a number,
and her delicious ginger cookies I always will remember.

Elder Anderson's an oldie, he will die before the rest,
but he's stellar at the language you can put him to the test.
He be chill'n like a villain with the locals e'ry day
If he gets this geg stuff down, I won't know a word he say.

Elder Reber is a climber if a wall is in sight.
If you punch him in the car, I don't know, he might fight.
A storyteller and a joker, the people love that too.
He'd love to help you out...if you want a Nike shoe.

Elder Foster runs the court, he's the leader of the group
and he does it by example, inspiring the troop.
He's not a llafazaner, what he says is worthwhile,
to the people that he serves he brings a happy smile.

Elder Harlow is the brit and an awfully good sport.
He still came to our picnic, to celebrate the forth.
He's a fun one to tease and he rocks the socks off ping pong.
When it comes to the work, he be ownin' it like King Kong.

Motra Wheelock is a walker, she goes spejty speijt
When it comes to the preaching, she tells it to you straight.
She likes to have fun and on her head balance books.
When it comes to her hairs, they be attracting looks.

Now we want to help these people so we gotta get to work
put our shoulder to the wheel, now don't you shirk.
As people join the fold this place will grow.
Soon the Durrës ward that we love and know.
So come on and help us move the work along.
You heard it right here on the Durrës District song.   

Well, that's about it for today. That's whats going on in my life. Lots of change. That's what. Tune in for next week: Lushnjë! I'll be there tomorrow...weird. The elders there already called me...I have a talk on Sunday. Welcome to missionary life! 

Missionaries change areas. Missionaries arrive. Missionaries go home. The work goes forward. And the best part is, you don't have to be a missionary to do missionary work (that's what our Sunday School lesson was about yesterday). Be a missionary!

Paqe dhe bekimet!
Motra Curtis 

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