Monday, August 26, 2013

What happened this week?

So much to say but then not much at the same time. This is the last week of the transfer. Transfer calls come Sunday night and it will be interesting to see what happens. There are 7 places with sisters. This time next week I'll know who my companion will be and where I will be serving. Exciting stuff.

We had Motra Training this week which was sweet. We all went to Tirana and Sister Ford has a special training for us. The Sister Training leader's also did one on the Book of Mormon. Sister Ford's was about lots of things but especially on gratitude. I want to be more grateful. Then we ate pizza... like we always keep doing. Its fun to be part of a mission that is small enough that you can get to know everyone. I love that I know all the sisters. We have a great bunch of people. I have this fun 90s style dress that I wore. Just because, its classy and fun. My companion didn't know if she wanted to be seen in public with me. But almost everyone complimented (or at least commented) on it. I even made some new friends with it. The elder's call it my pioneer dress but they are probably just jealous. I was talking to one of the elders and he came up with a brilliant idea that I instantly loved. If or when I train (probably in January when we get 9 new sisters! Hooray!) that I should wear that dress when I go to pick her up! I say yes to the dress! Oh the fun you can have when you have 90s dress! 

As for the work this week...there was some heartbreak and some heart-make? heart-happiness? I don't know how you would say it but something that makes the heart happy.

Heartbreak: A lady that we have been meeting with to practice English with and teach we will probably stop meeting with. She hasn't been reading or keeping commitments but we kept trying. In our last lesson it became sadly obvious that she only wanted to practice English and isn't interested in the gospel. This is hard because she is such a cute lady! I really enjoy her company! But right now I have been called and set apart to teach the gospel..not English. I hope that in another time in her life she will want the gospel. Planting seeds.

Heart happiness!: A young woman we have been struggling to meet with we were finally able to visit with! I absolutely adore her family! They are fantastic! She wants to get baptized and her family is supportive. She was on a date but it might be pushed back a little. She is so ready though. The hardest thing is that is very busy, we couldn't do the interview this week because she was in Tirana. But I hope it happens soon!

The other is a young girl who turning 8 next week and wants to be baptized. Her grandma is an active member and she comes to church with her. We met the girl in her home and talked to her mom and she is supportive. We'll be meeting with her a lot this week to get her ready but her family seems to be in support of it. They are a cute family with a cute house. I already love them. 

Other random things:

 I remember on road trips, having those little things that you do, like hold the roof when you pass under bridges and hold your breath when you go under tunnels. Well, here they have little tunnels that go through apartment buildings that we take sometimes as shortcuts. I definitely hold my breath when going under. Not because I am reminiscing the road trips of my past...but because they literally stink. But maybe that's how that "tradition" started. Stinky tunnels. Oh well, it's all part of the experience. 

The word for Baber here is Berber so you see it all over the place and usually they have pictures of famous people on them. Well the funnest one I have seen I have yet to take a picture of - but hopefully soon - has a picture of Justin Bieber on it. Get it? Berber, Bieber? Hahaha, I love it!  

The elder's had a baptism with the patient girl who was trying to teach me how to dance at the ward party. She is so sweet/funny/stellar! I also like her family. 

I think I already talked about the little trucks with only 3 wheels (I saw a commercial/test drive thing before my mission and thought they were a joke- but no, they are everywhere here.) I finally got a picture with one!

With this transfer coming to an end I have been thinking of change. I am grateful for change. I am grateful for new beginnings. I am grateful for setting goals. I am grateful for examples of others. I am grateful for my toothbrush. I am grateful for air conditioning. I am grateful for light. I am grateful for fresh bread. I am grateful that I get to be a missionary right now, right here. Its the opportunity of a life-time. The church is true! This is the Lord's work! 

Peace and blessings!
Motra Curtis 

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