Monday, August 12, 2013

Rain brings happiness!

It rained this week!! It has been especially hot this week and then on Saturday there was a thunderstorm and lots of rain and things cooled down a lot. Satuday was actually a pretty fun day. Just little things. For example when we were going back to our apartment for lunch one of the little neighbor girls that we see everyday and always say hi to started running over too us. I remember thinking, wow, it lookes like she is going to give us a hug, and then she DID! It was way cute! Then the rain in itself was a wonderful thing. We went to our appointment but actually cut it a little short because we were going to meet this girl we had met earlier in the week (there is more on her later). We actually didn't end up meeting with her because it was pouring rain. We went to wait it out a little in this little place we eat lunch sometimes. We got sallap (a super delicious warm drink that I don't know how to describe) and then after the guy gave us FREE ice cream! How nice is that. We actually weren't able to meet with anyone else that day but when around trying to find people home because of the rain. And met with success in the case of one of our less actives. We have not every been able to catch her at home but, becasue of the rain, she was home! Happy day! She couldn't meet but we got a new number for her so hopefully we will be able to meet with her another day. But it was just a fun day. I love rain! Especially when it cools the city down. The day was just full of little tender mercies.

Real quick, the girl Kristi who we weren't able to meet with, we set up to meet with again at the same time the following day. She didn't show up, so we called her and she said she didn't have time right now. So we had a lesson with Klaudia, the member who came with us. Right after our lesson with her we came our and Kristi was there! What the miracle! So we had a lesson with her. She had a lot of really great questions! For example, what makes your church different from other churches...Restoration! It was just a really fantastic meeting and I'm excited to meet with her again on Wednesday! (which also happnes to be my companions birthday! EVERY companion I have had has celebreated their birthday with me! (okay, all of the only 2 that I have had...but still). I'm excited to see what happens with her. She seems way sincere! There are so many that never even show up that the fact that she showed up and wants to meet again is reason for rejoicing! 

Sorry its short today! But know that the work is going forward. I love being a missionary! Sometimes its hard, but always its worth it. 

Ju dua!
Motra Curtis

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