Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, here I am in Lushnje! Its a lot smaller than Durres, but I absolutely love it already. The very first day we were riding down in a fergon with my stuff in the back. We stopped to pick up this man and his goat. They just put the goat in the back and carry on. You could hear the goat as we drove (poor kid...get it? goat, kid? bahaha...anyways). But yeah, never a normal day in Lushnje.

The missionaries are definitely a lot more involved with the branch. We do mutual on Wednesdays for the Young Woman and we also play soccer with the youth on Saturday (we didn't play this week because Motra Wait has not been feeling well) but I"m very excited for that. I'm hoping I can convince them to want to play Ultimate Frisbee as well...we shall see. Church is only 2 hours because its smaller and most people leave after Sacrament Meeting anyways, but we'll get there! Its been interesting trying to meet with people. I guess Motra Wait has never had so many people not be able to meet, hopefully I didn't bring bad luck! Also, church attendance was unusually low this week. I actually gave a talk, I tried to make it as long as I could but it was only 10 minutes. It was funny, as I got to the end where I was speaking without notes I looked up and there was a group of older women that were just giggling! Hand over mouth and everything. But hey, if they remember how bad I was when I started here, hopefully they will notice drastic improvement. 

Motra Wait is such a patient teacher with me and the language. She is way good at explaining principles to me and then helping me practice with them. I already feel like I've improved so much! Also, since we are both relatively new in the country we have a lot to learn and we'll be learning it together. It will be interesting to see how we progress with the language and teaching and all that. We haven't been able to do too much these past few days because she's been feeling under the weather, but it gives me more time to study the language! Also, I'm not sure if this is just a side effect of her being sick and all, but she thinks I'm so funny! She laughs at my jokes! I love it! Maybe she is just being nice, but it sure makes her easy to love! It doesn't hurt that she is quite the hilarious person herself. I think we will have lots of fun together this transfer. Lushnje is definitely a new area with new challenges, but I'm excited. 

Also, the apartment here in Lushnje is hands down the nicest apartment I have ever lived it. I don't even want to send pictures because this is not the norm! Its a new apartment so everything is new but it is also pretty empty. They just recently got a microwave before I got here. But its fun, you just have to get more creative with some things. The main room has big beautiful windows! I love light! And the view is amazing. Not a bad place to be for the next 4 months.

I love the youth here, super nice they are. Okay, maybe I love them everywhere, but I do love them here! They don't seem to mind repeating themselves multiple times...and some of them know English. They were super nice to me after my talk and told me they understood it. I'm still getting to know people but they all seem great. I'm excited to get to know them better. I'm excited for this week! 

Till next time!
Motra Curtis

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