Thursday, November 7, 2013

I love you, my chocolate!

Don't have much time this week!

Here are the things to know:

It was a rough/awesome week with investigators. We got dropped by a couple people. The hardest was with our investigator that was waiting for her baby to be born before getting baptized. We met with her this week and before we started the lesson she told us that she got an answer to her prayers. To quote Jinx from The District "I got my answer, the Mormons not for me." That was heartbreaking. We have gotten really close with her and she has been such a stellar investigator with a real desire to know. We had one more lesson with her but nothing really changed. She doesn't want us to come back to teach her but is still friendly. I hope one day that answer changes.
On a higher note, our other investigator passes her baptismal interview and is getting baptized this week! Yeah! She is sweet. Her daughter has been sick for the past couple days but hopefully gets feeling better soon.

Fun things to know: 

Motra Guri is on a weight losing kick right now and is always telling me what will make you thin or fat. I guess eating yogurt after meals means you can eat whatever you want and however much you want (is there any kind of proof of that? If you find any I would be interested to know). But she also says that crepes will make you fat but insists that ice cream won't. She also didn't know that exercise would help in losing weight. But I don't blame her for being concerned. I've never been fed so much! I've been fed more in this past week than my entire time in Durres. I don't know if its the area of that people absolutely adore my companion (which they do). All the time they tell her that they love her because she understands them. And its true, she loves giving health advice, singing Albaninan songs, and can talk culture stuff with them.

There is this song she has been singing all week about chocolate and I finally asked her about it, I guess its a real popular pet name that boys will use with there girlfriends: "I love you my chocolate". I think its hilariously awesome but can't take that song seriously anymore.

I didn't really how much Motra Guri and I use sound effects to communicate. I think it started our first week and has just carried over. Plus she is a sound effects kind of talker anyways and I've become more of one being around her. But is makes our conversations more interesting. 

Another thing I love about Albania is that people instead of saying "mommy", "mom" or anything like that they say "oh ma". The little kids, the teenagers, everyone. I not-so-secretly love it and may or may not apply it to my everyday life now. The same goes for dad but its short from babi, prandaj its "oh ba". 

I had my first go at making byrek this week. I'm pretty sure most missionaries learn in the homes of members but I got to make it in a bakery! (yes, the magical bakery). It was way fun. I'm not a natural but I'm sure with practice I could open a business and make millions. Or just make it for friends and family when I get home. Whichever happens first. 

I love being a missionary. I know the church is absolutely and completely true. I know God loves all His children and has given them agency. I'm grateful for that precious gift.

Over and out,
Motra Curtis


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