Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgivi​ng? Sa shpejt!

It has been pretty rainy here in Lushnje. But lucky for me, I got to see a rainbow...3 days in a row! The first one disappeared so fast I barely got a picture, the the next morning when I saw another one I grabbed a bowl of cereal and just sat there and watched it appear. The next day it was a double rainbow! I love little happy tender mercies of the Lord!

This past week (Friday) was clean Albania day! Kids got out of school for the day, or part of the day and went around picking up trash. It was fun to see groups holding slightly soiled napkins and taking pictures.

Round is the new square when it comes to baking pans in Albania. Round pans are used in making byrek, therefore they seem to be the pan of choice for everything. Fun stuff. 

I love having fresh bread here in Albania. Its something I know I will miss (our teachers in the MTC talked about missing it). The funny thing is when Motra Tengu got here and she saw some packaged bread in the store (you don't see it often). She asked if we could get it even though it was kind of expensive. We did and it tastes like packaged bread back home (pretty much). She loves it. I'll continue to enjoy bakery bread for as long as I can. It always seems like you want what you don't have. Haha.

Albania has their Independence day the same day we have Thanksgiving. A day to celebrate for sure! Can't wait!

I always thought it was funny how missionaries referred to the trainer/trainee relationship as parent/child... but since becoming a trainer, it feels like being a parent more than I thought it would. When I compliment or thank her for doing something she absolutely beams. We do things slowly to allow her to learn. I rejoice in her success. I feel pain when she feels pain. I often want to protect her from things, but realize she has to learn from certain experiences. She follows closely behind me and often imitates the things that I do (It is so important to be a good example) But most of all, I just love her lots!

But also as a "parent" I feel like you are so much more aware of your own weaknesses. Its just made me so grateful for the Atonement and the ability we have to change. I'm not perfect, but having someone learning from everything I do makes me re-evaluate what I'm doing even more and think about how I could be better. 

I noticed last week. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but Albanian has seemed to click for me. Më në fund!  I understand what people are saying and I'm able to express myself. It was as if one day the light just turned on. Not that I understand everything (I don't) or can say everything I want correctly (I don't)...but I'm finally feeling like I can follow conversations and contribute to them. I know you're probably thinking 'after speaking and listening in only Albanian for 2 months it just NOW clicked?'. But yeah. Më në fund! I'm sure grateful it did. Maybe I'm a late bloomer, but better late than never!

Anyways, happy Thanksgiving! How grateful I am to be a missionary! 

Ju dua!
Motra Kërtis

Pictures: lots from the rainbows and I've been super bad and having taken pictures with my companion so I've included a couple from when we were in Durrës (a wedding and with her mission call)

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