Monday, November 11, 2013

Well that was slightly unexpected

This has been my last week with Motra Guri. It has been such an adventure being companions with her. It has come with unique experiences and lots of learning. I'm so grateful for the time I had with her and all that I learned. It seemed everyone in the branch wanted to feed her before we left so we've eaten quite a bit this past week. As her first companion/trainer we always joked about me being her ma (mission lingo: a missionary's trainer is their "ma") Motra Guri just has the biggest heart and is so outgoing and funny. I'll miss having  her around. She is going home to finish her papers and then will hopefully get her mission call soon!

Guess what? I'm going to be a trainer! I wasn't expecting that until January when the big group of sisters come from the MTC, but Klaudia is coming back from the Madrid MTC Tuesday and I"ll be training her, crazy! I thought President said he was going to wait and train her with the big group. Guess plans changed. I'm nervous but I don't know why because I feel like I got to have a 'trial run training' with my mini. I think that experience is really what is going to enable me to train Motra Tengu. But this time I'll be on the training program with her. My first official daughter. Whaat?!

I remember helping Klaudia finish her mission papers. I took the picture that we attached to her papers. Then she wanted to wait a couple days to open her call when her whole family could be there and asked us to keep it in our apartment. I remember standing by her as she opened her call (literally, she wanted me to stand right next to her). Now I will be her first companion and trainer. What a new experience this will be. 
I'm grateful to be training an Albanian because I don't know that I am currently prepared to train/help someone in the language. I feel like Heavenly Father is just trying to give me all the help He can with the language. I don't know why, but Albanian just seems especially hard for me, I still make so many rookie mistakes. Sometimes I feel like I'll never "really" get it down. But even when we want to give up on ourselves the Lord NEVER gives up on us...even with something like learning a language. Prandaj, He just keeps giving me native companions! Here it goes!
Remember that one time Motra Guri asked this lady if she was ready for the 2nd coming of Christ and then when she answered "yes", raised her eyebrows and asked if she had been baptized....well we've been teaching her and she got baptized this weekend! It was beautiful. The water was cold but she said when she came up she didn't feel cold at all. Her first covenant with God. But it't not the end, I'm excited for her to continue to learn and prepare for the temple. She is amazing. 
Missionary work is full of change. But I'm grateful for every aspect of missionary work. I know that its the Lords work and I love that we get to take part in it. Missionary work is full of growing and stretching. The church is true! God love us! 

Peace and blessings!
Motra Curtis

1. On exchange in Fier we were given the heaviest bags of oranges and mandarins! I think I'm 37.8 % stronger now. 

2. Iliriana and her family at her baptism!

3. People who I love.

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