Sunday, June 15, 2014

Basketball...'ery day!

Well, this week will my first year in country (and by country I mean countries). That year has flown by, I feel like I got here just last week! I remember the first day I got here... not understanding anything anyone said. Looking at the signs on stores and not knowing what they meant. I remember the excitement and a little nervousness. Now I still don't understand everything everyone says, but a whole lot more I'll tell you that! I love it here. Spring isn't over and there are flowers everywhere. 

We played basketball like every morning for exercise. It was literally ballin! I loved it. We also rented bikes and rode through the big park here today. That was fun. 

Our awesome investigators whose name sounds like "holiday" is so awesome. I love every lesson we have with her! The spirit is also so strong and she just gets it. When we taught about Tithing, she was like, yeah that make sense. I've read about it in the Bible and always wondered about it. Everything just make sense to her. Her best friend died this week which has been really hard. But she has such a testimony of God, Christ and the Plan of Salvation. Before he died she had actually take a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to show him (he had cancer). I just love her with my whole heart. 

We had a pretty rough start to our week this week but it was amazing to see the hand of the Lord step right in (well, I guess step in would work better for a foot, but hand works too, right?). It was neat how things fell in to place, most always they weren't our plans but they were the right plans. I can't tell you how many times I have been impressed that this work is truly the Lord's work! There are so many examples I could give...but this will have to suffice. The Lord is great!
Love you all!
Motra Curtis

P.s. Sometimes we like to draw pictures on whiteboards.

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