Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happiness can be a box of strawberri​es.

So for this week, I was the ONLY full-time missionary in my family. Which maybe doesn't sound too crazy. But only because my sister just got home this past Wednesday from the Philippines and my brother reports this Wednesday in Utah. But don't worry, I'm holding down the fort!

Last Monday, Kate the great walked into our lives. She is from London, England and teaches English on a base here. One of her students is a Italian member of the church who is stationed here for 6 months. He brought her to FHE and then we had a lesson with her on Friday. She had read 16 chapter from the English copy of the Book of Mormon we gave her on Monday! What the awesome?!  AND had great questions. We were getting ice cream after the lesson and the Italian brother leans to us and says in his broken English "Sisters, golden contact" pointing to her. It was awesome and they both came to church!

Sometimes you take the little things for granted. The Italian member was so excited for the sacrament. It had been 40 days since he had been able to come to church and partake of of it and he couldn't wait. I'm so grateful that I get to take the sacrament every week. Sometimes we don't realize what a blessing that it. 

We did more street contacting/tracking/finding this week than ever have I ever. Lessons falling through left us plenty of time. But we made an effort to have meaningful conversations with all that we could and learning their name. We met so many neat people! From opera teachers to retired offices. A positive contact is a positive contact. 

ALSO. Its strawberry week! Meaning they have a huge picture of a strawberry hanging up on the boulevard. And a box of strawberries are only 1 euro. And they are the most delicious strawberries. Strawberries might be among my favorites. So we probably have been multiple times. I'll have to snap a picture next time.

So much more to say but this will suffice. The work is going forth. Life is good. The Church is true. I am a Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon. Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is my Redeemer. 

God bless you.
Zoti ju bekoft.

Moj Motra Curtis 

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