Monday, May 19, 2014

Its a beautiful day

The Jones left this week, which was really sad. They have done such a good work here. Its neat to see how much it has grown since they have been here. They will be greatly missed, but their efforts will carry on.

There was a baptism this week! It was crazy! He has been investigating the church for months with the elders but had a few hang-ups. Someone was joking about them both getting baptized (she also has been investigating for a longer time) and he went home a prayed all night. Realized he knew always knew it was true. He told us on Tuesday. Had his interview on Wednesday. Got baptized on Thursday and confirmed on Sunday. He is going to be a great blessing to this branch.

As missionaries, you want members to be involved. This has much importance. It was neat to see physically what you want to happen metaphorically and physically too (why not?). You want the missionary to step out of the picture and the member to come in and take the investigator by the hand and answer their questions. I literally got to see that. We were teaching an investigator with Sister Jones. She was talking to her but then had to step out to take a call. She saw one of the members in the hallway and sent her in. She literally came in. Sat next to her, held her hand and answered her questions. It was amazing. I love having the privilege of getting to work with such fantastic members!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)
Motra Curtis

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