Sunday, May 4, 2014

The weather outside is frightful.​..but the fire inside's delightful​...

Things you should know.
-It SNOWED!! I thought I wonldn't see snow my entire mission but I did . We may or may not have had a snowball fight. But probably yes. We probably also did group finding outside too. Hard core.
-We met a man named Skip while tracking. He is from Florida and is teaching here in the American school. His dad was in the military too. He also lived in Guam. He lived on Gecko Lane. I'm pretty sure I lived on Gecko Lane (or close). It was an awesome moment.
-I know an Albanain. Her name is Jonila. She can do a southern accent. She is the only albanina I know who can do a real good southern accent.
-We were street contacting last week and some girls came up to us and asked if they could learn about Jesus. In a 95% Muslim country...that's a beautiful thing.
-Speaking of a 95% Muslim country called Kosovo that I dwell in...Easter is a straight up Christian Holiday. It was fun wishing people a happy Easter. Most, even though they don't celebrate it, would wish us a happy easter back. They are nice.
-We had a lesson with a man and his family that we had tracked into (since it rained all week and we did LOTS of tracking) and he says he has this book he got from a friend (who knows what it could be..) and then he whips out THE BOOK OF MORMON. It was wicked sweet! And by wicked sweet I actually mean rightious!!  Love that family.
Being a missionary is probably my most favorite thing. Even more than waterfalls (which we went to see ANOTHER one this week!) And I love it with my whole heart. I love Jesus Christ. In Albania I feel like there were many Christains or at least people who at least knew about Christ and believed in him. It is different up here. There is not a day that goes by that we don't testify of that important first principle of the gosel. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I absolutely love it. I love easter and celebrating the fact that HE LIVES! How sad would it be if the story ended after his death. But it doesn't! I love my Savior, my brother, my friend, Jesus Christ.
Happy Fish!
Motra Curtis
p.s. the word for fish and easter are very similar and I probably wished more people a "happy fish" than I care to admit.

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