Thursday, September 11, 2014

A wonderful week in the neighborho​od


We got invited for lunch by some of our adorable English students. It was SO good. They are pretty active Muslims. They had been to Arab and Kuran class earlier that day. The call to prayer went off while we were there and the son got up and left to pray in the mosque. They were very open to hearing our message and had good questions about the Book of Mormon. It was neat experience and we are invited back!

One of our investigators has a young son. I want to give him the most improved award. At the beginning (April/May) he was very distracting during lessons and he didn't like prayers-he would try to stop his mom from praying or participating in prayers. Yesterday we were there and for the opening prayer I asked him to come sit by me and fold his arms. He didn't but just stood there quietly. BUT then for the closing prayer I asked him and again and this time he sat where he was and folded his arms and squinted his eyes shut. IT WAS LITERALLY A MIRACLE. He is making such a turn around. Its so incredible to see the influence of the gospel in this young family. 

We had exchanges with the STLs today and it was awesome! We tried a couple more finding ideas. One was where we had a poster with pictures of  Mormons that said "Who are the Mormons?" But most people didn't know many of them. So then we tried a "lemonade stand" but since we didn't have lemonade we just used Kool-aid. The idea being to talk to people as they drink it. The first 2 came up, a man with his young daughter. She takes a sip and kinda makes a face. At this point we look at each other and realize that no one tasted to kool-aid before we brought it. So, after they left we tried it. It was some orange/mandarin flavor that wasn't that great. But even the green strawberry and fruit punch didn't go over too well. I guess they just don't really like our American flavors...? But it was so much fun. Trying to get creative in our finding ideas.

One of my favorite things as as missionary is to see the change in others. The gospel is all about constant change, improvement and becoming better. I'm humbled in getting to see it bless others. I love seeing it in myself. 

Peace and blessings!
Motra Curtis

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