Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Lamb of God

Dear People of the friend variety,

My companion has this music...Its called The Lamb of God, but we just call it the Jesus music. We love it so much. Nothing like good music to get you pumped to testify about Christ in a 97% Muslim country. Seriously though, we were talking about it the other day and we have both felt our testimony of Christ strengthen while we have been here. Christ is our Savior and the Son of God. 

There is a recent convert family that we just love. The elders taught them before but we have been having family home evening with them. We bring hymn books to sing with them. One week we forgot the hymn book. They were so sad. Never again. They have another daughter that is sometimes there. We asked her if she wanted to learn more about the church. Turns out she has already started reading the Book of Mormon with her sister! They are such a fantastic family! 

Another one of our cute recent converts who is a rocking member was busy all week and so we hadn't been able to meet with her...but THEN she surprised us by coming to the church to see us and brought us a present! Lipstick! Did we take a selfie right then and there? Why yes, we did.

We have this neat investigator that we have been meeting with. She is 52 years old and sells beauty products, so she is pretty glamorous. She called us the other day to meet (yeah, SHE called US...we didn't say no). She sat us down and was like, I want to get baptized tomorrow. She was like, talk to your people and make it happen. Its exciting to see her desire (this does NOT happen everyday). We explained more about baptism and the promises we make. She still has more to learn but she is preparing for baptism and excited about it! Me të vërtetë!

It's crazy to think my mission is coming to a close. This day starts the last month of my mission. I talked to my mission president about extending and he even asked SL. But they said no, with good reasons.(we all figured that...but it was worth trying). Time has gone so fast. I love being a missionary and wearing Christ's name next to mine. It is such an incredible experience that I recommend to everyone. But you don't have to wear a name tag to be a missionary. Fact.

Ju dua shumë dhe Zoti ju bekoft!
Motra Kërtis

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