Thursday, September 11, 2014


Got my last transfer call last night (wait...last??? These sister missions are so short! We be droppin like flies yo!) I get to stay in Prishtina, Kosovo which makes me SO happy!! I love this place. I'll get my new companion tomorrow and then we are going to rock this city.

We had mission conference this week which was great! We woke up at 3am to catch a bus to Tirana. We get to catch the same bus tomorrow for transfer changes. Woot woot! This mission is getting so big. I used to know everyone or at least their it is nigh impossible. Also, our mission president is going home next week. So many changes! 

The month of fasting is coming up here for the Islamic faith and I'm interested to see what changes. There are so many people who drink coffee in little coffee shops here all day long, I wonder if there will be less of them. Tune in for the next few weeks.

I am so grateful for sincere prayers. We teach people how to pray almost everyday and it is such an honor to be able to listen to some of their first communications with God. There was one girl who just expressed such sincere love for her father in heaven. If you promise not to tell, I'll confess that I opened my eyes for just a second, she was in total reverence. The hardest part is that so many youth have families that not only just don't support them in the chruch but are completely against them in the church. It's not easy being a pioneer. I cannot tell you the amount of respect and love I have for these people. 

Loving life,
Motra Curtis

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