Thursday, September 11, 2014

Loving Kosovo

What a crazy week! My companion has been feeling a little under the weather so we have been inside for some of it. But we have introduced water balloon volleyball here and they LOVE it! And by water balloon volleyball we actually don't play with a net but its great fun!

There will be 5 baptisms here this next Saturday which is nothing short of a Miracle (with a capitol M). A cute family of 3 that the elders have been teaching (but we absolutely adore them and have taught the daughter before). It is so incredible. They need the church and the church needs them. They will be such a strength here! 

The church is still so new here but the members are so awesome! You can't be a weak sauce member in a place where you stick out just being Christian. I stand in awe of them. Seriously.

I love you all. I love my life. And I REALLY love being a missionary!!!

Ju dua!
Motra Curtis

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