Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ask us what we do.

We wanted to get creative as a district in our group finding. We took some chairs down to the main walking street in the city. We sat them down in a row with a sign in the middle that said "ask us what we do". We then sat down with The Book of Mormon in our hands. We would do things like cross our legs the same time, turn pages at the same time and stuff like that. The idea started as a joke but it turned out working really well!

Our cute family that was on vacation for a month just got back! We love them so much! We had given their number to the elders in the they had been staying before. While we were there visiting the elders called them. She tells me "my people" are on the phone. I talk to them and its totally the elders haha. Its the second time that has happened. 

It has been so good to be out and about doing missionary work. We have been passing our lots of English flyers this week. We had a poster at one point and people were coming up to us to get a flyer, even cars were stopping to get one. It was fun. 

We got to go the the base on Thursday to teach institute. It was crazy to be around so many Americans. As we went to the chow hall to eat it was cool to have people recognize us as missionaries. We may or may not have brought some American food back with us. So good! The lesson was really great. We had planned our lesson and it started going with it, but during the lesson it took a slightly different turn that ended up being so good. The spirit was strong and it was neat how everyone was able to share experiences. I loved being there and hope we can go again.

I love serving here in Kosovo. I love being a missionary. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. ...and I'm a mormon.

Zoti ju bekoft!
Motra Curtis

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