Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Missionary Work in Kosovo!!!

Today is the 4th year anniversary of Kosovo being dedicated for the work of missionary. That's pretty neat. We've been to the spot were it was dedicated. It really is like the sacred grove of Kosovo. Its neat to think of the growth and progress that has happened here. The members here are pretty incredible. They are so new to the gospel and bring such an excitement and strength to the work. The have the courage that is so needed to be members here. I love being able to serve around them. I learn much from them.
Yesterday night we were standing on the boulevard talking to people. We stopped this neat couple. They are Albanian but live in Switzerland and are visiting here for a week. I was talking to the wife and she mentioned that she wanted to change religions, she wants to become Christian when she goes back home. Neat. We are also Christians. We exchanged numbers and we will be meeting with them before they leave. They were super nice. They left, but about 20 minutes later they walked by us again and asked if we had time to get something to drink. We didn't have time as we needed to be in our apartment soon and we had set up a later time. But they said "We are happy. Do you know why we are happy? You make us happy!" It was super cute. It was probably the spirit they felt making them happy. And we know just how to teach them to feel more of that good stuff. Hopefully we will be able to get their contact information and have the missionaries there contact them. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

We had planned group finding (the "ask us what we do") but then it was raining. So we some shifts in plans, Elder Roberts thought we could get bed sheets and tie them up as a shelter and have the film "Restoration" play underneath. We were a little skeptical but he seemed confident enough so we went for it. Last minute he couldn't come but the rest of us still went and tried it. I'll send the pictures. Long story short- it didn't work too well but it was a lot of fun (I regret nothing) we did talk to some people and got one number. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  

The recent convert family we teach are so amazing. We continue to have FHE with them in their home. This past week we talked about temples. The spirit was so strong. The wife can't wait for the year to come when they can go. The older daughter isn't baptized yet but also wants to be sealed to her new husband (they got married last month). The younger daughter was also recently baptized and want to be married in the temple. I cannot wait for the Rome temple to be finished. Its so hard for these people to get Visas out of the country to anywhere. None of them have been able to go to the Germany temple yet. I hope they will be able to go to the Rome Temple. I have taken the blessing of having a temple close for granted so much in my life. Think about it. Count your blessings. Name them one by one. I love to see the temple.

I LOVE being a missionary. I know I probably say that every week but its TRUE!  I love learning and growing and stretching. Its the BEST! The gospel is TRUE! God loves us. 

Ju uroj lumturi dhe paqe në jetë!
Motra Kërtis

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